Specialized Applications

Glass from Saint-Gobain can be used for a variety of specialized applications in a building. In addition to facades, glass can be used for balustrades, spandrels, skylights, doors and partitions.
Balustrades protect people from falling where there are stairs, ramps, floors and balconies. Spandrel glass is used to prevent materials or construction elements from being viewed from the exterior of a building. The primary function of spandrel glass is to cover non-visible areas including the areas between floors, hung ceiling areas, knee-wall areas below vision lights, and sometimes even columns or partitions.
Glass skylights let in ample natural lighting and provide a sense of spaciousness, while regulating solar heat penetration. In fact, solar control glass also helps reduce the need for air-conditioning and blinds.
Glass Doors & Partitions bring a feeling of space and openness to a room. The contrast transparency of the glass diffuses the light into the interiors. Saint-Gobain also has specially manufactured glass for partitions to protect privacy.