Glass Processing

Glass from Saint-Gobain can be processed in a variety of ways to provide the required safety, security and performance.
Glass can be toughened to make it at least five times stronger than annealed glass. It can be heat-strengthened for use especially in vertical vision spandrel areas and sloped glazing. Laminated glass is a safety glass designed to prevent it from shattering into pieces and thus ensures safety. Ceramic frit glass is ideal for interior applications, including glass doors, partitions, handrails, glass ceilings, bathrooms, elevator walls and shower enclosures while insulated glass reduces interior condensation in cold climates and increases comfort near windows, thus maximizing the usable interior space.
Saint-Gobain Glass provides sustainable glazing solutions for architects looking to create light, open and airy spaces in  buildings. The solutions are ideal for architectural applications due to the vast range of  glazing options available for glass facades and structural glazing applications.
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