May 2013

Glass for UPVC Windows

SUN BAN Glass from Saint-Gobain Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream Electricity consumption, as we all know, is largely in one of two sectors – domestic or commercial. And in the residential...

27 05 2013
Glazing for Educational Institutions – SGG Envision

A Glassy Makeover in Classrooms Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream Classrooms in educational institutions require an ambience that is created by glazing for natural lighting. This ensures that classrooms are not...

20 05 2013
Saint-Gobain Glass elevates passenger experience at Chennai International Terminal

Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream Creating an ambience that combines aesthetic appeal with a soothing environ, the glass from Saint-Gobain has helped transform the new Chennai International terminal into a...

08 05 2013