Double Glazing with Solar Control

20 November 2013

SGG Parsol at AEGON Insurance Company, Madrid


 Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


The AEGON Insurance Company in Madrid, Spain has extensively made use of glass in its architecture. The building, which is primarily an office block, has double glazing solutions on its facade.The architect J.A.Casana Cabrera has designed the building to benefit from the twin advantages of double glazing with solar control.


The location of the building required an insulating double glazing with solar control function. Saint-Gobain recommended the use of SGG PARSOL, a tinted glass. SGG Parsol Pink was chosen due to the fact that it fit perfectly with the rest of the facade materials and gave a warm touch to the reflecting clear glazing.


SGG PARSOL is a body tinted glass manufactured by the float process. It is a tinted glass with a coloured appearance, and also has the properties of basic solar control glass. This tinted glass is especially suitable for exterior applications and hence was ideal for the building's facade that demanded double glazing with solar control.


The other glass variants from Saint-Gobain that have been used in this project include SGG Climaplus Solar Control, SGG Eko Plus, SGG Reflectasol and SGG Stadip. The advantage of using double glazing with solar control is that the reflective glass reflects a large proportion of incoming solar radiation, thereby restricting heat penetration into the building. It reflects just the right quantity of sunlight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light. Thus, the need for artificial lights as well as air conditioners is significantly reduced and leads to higher energy-efficiency. Also, as an online coated glass with high resistance towards surface abrasion, it undergoes minimal wear and tear.


With the use of Saint-Gobain's solutions for double glazing with solar control, the AEGON Insurance Company has insured its facades with longer life, higher durability, and better energy-efficiency and exemplified itself as a model of sustainable architecture.

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