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20 May 2013

A Glassy Makeover in Classrooms


Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


Classrooms in educational institutions require an ambience that is created by glazing for natural lighting. This ensures that classrooms are not just vibrant and lively, but also do not demand the use of artificial lighting.The other key areas across campus that require extensive glazing solutions include the library, auditorium and sporting facilities. While libraries require ambient light of 500 Lux for visual comfort, the Auditoria and Sporting facilities need acoustic and anti-glare comfort.


At the ISB Chandigarh, the need for natural glazing was met by SGG Envision, a high performance glass from Saint Gobain. This is an ideal glazing solution for educational institutions as it sufficiently meets pre-requisites like daylighting integration, acoustic comfort and no fatigue environment.


The SGG Envision is an advanced solar control glass well-suited for structural and facade glazing. A low-E glass, it comes with high spectral selectivity (high light transmission) while ensuring excellent thermal insulation. It also has low levels of reflection & heat transfer, and more transparent than most other solar control glasses. A coating of metallic oxides onto the clear or body-tinted glass gives it solar control and thermal insulation properties as well as its distinctive appearance.



Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


The ISB Chandigarh used the Magma variant of SGG Envision to give the much-needed glazing for natural lighting. It not only provided optimum daylighting integration but also extended the highest energy-efficiency possible as a green building glass.


Glazing for educational institutions is now made easy with an advanced solution that extends the best of ambience and utility. And as a spectacular vision in glass with the SGG Envision, the ISB Chandigarh certainly stands as a testimonial!

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