Reflective Glass for Offices

08 September 2016

Saint-Gobain Glass at Logix Cyber Park, Noida


reflective glass


Logix Cyber Park is a green building with a LEED Silver certification, developed by the Logix Group. Among Noida's most prominent destinations for office space, it has been designed by the objective of being 'a business ecosystem that sets new benchmarks in creating world class business environment for corporates around the globe.' Using SGG Reflectasol, Saint-Gobain's reflective glass for offices, Logix Cyber Park has managed to strike the perfect balance between the aesthetic and the practical paradigms.


Four towers spanning nearly 3,07,260 sq.ft. make up this LEED certified Silver rated green building. To complement the office space, the building is equipped with a Club House comprising squash courts, yoga hall and gym, a 250-seater Auditorium, Banks & ATMs, Multi Cuisine Food Court, Coffee Shops, Concierge, Travel & Medical Desk. The architects, Design Forum of Architects Pvt. Ltd., have designed the campus such that it gradually opens up visually & volumetrically, positioning with a striking appearance. For energy-efficiency, Saint-Gobain's reflective solar control glass, SGG Reflectasol was used.


SGG Reflectasol is a reflective solar control glass with a silicon-based coating. This coating gives Reflectasol, its mirror-like appearance and visual appeal. It is an ideal reflective glass for offices as it comes with a unique reflective quality that creates a  one-way observation effect in certain lighting conditions, transmitting light even while screening vision. This improves visual comfort against direct sunlight. The low light transmission ensures privacy even in large glazed ares. SGG Reflectasol's bevelled edges also help to create a unique decorative effect.


At the Logix Cyber Park, SGG Reflectasol Sapphire Blue was used. It helped to prevent the heat loss, cut the noise and also needed very low maintenance as it is capable of staying clean by itself. Above all, as a sustainable reflective glass for offices, SGG Reflectasol proved to be a significant factor in garnering the LEED Silver for Logix Cyber Park.


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