Reflective Glass with Energy-efficiency

18 December 2012

Coloured Glazing Technology for Airtel, Gurgaon


Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


The Airtel Center at Gurgaon is the perfect example for a classic symphony in coloured glass. The interplay of light and glass in colour makes for a breathtaking view as the building shimmers against the night skyline. With building design by the eminent Ar. Hafeez Contractor and architectural glass from Saint-Gobain, the architecture is a fitting tribute to the corporate headquarters of Bharti Airtel Limited.


The glasses used throughout the facade architecture include the SGG Cool-Lite Royale Blue, SGG Cool-Lite Titanium Blue and SGG Diamant Extra Clear Mirror. SGG COOL-LITE ST is an advanced energy-efficient reflective solar control glass designed to cut excessive heat while optimizing light transmission, thus reducing air-conditioning costs and the need for artificial lighting. The glazing solution is ideally suited for a country like India, known for its tropical type of climate. SGG COOL-LITE ST also complies with the LEED and ECBC standards, making it not only a sustainable material for building, but also ensuring that the Airtel Centre is an energy-efficient building.


For added effect, the SGG Diamant Extra Clear Mirror has been used across the double glazed building. A premium silvered glass, SGG Diamant contributes a superior reflection and enhanced clarity to the Airtel building. This is made possible more so, since the base is extra clear glass.


The Airtel Centre represents one of the finest pieces of architecture in the corporate space. The vivid and vibrant facade sets off a scintillating show of colours, bearing the signature shades of Airtel. It is a show-stopper on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, stealing the attention and awe of passersby.


Saint-Gobain, known for its value-addition to contemporary architecture, has done precisely that. Adding immense value to the architecture design of the Airtel Centre, Saint-Gobain has once again proved what makes it one of the most reliable partners when it comes to creating architectural marvels. Attaching aesthetic value to a commercial building, it continues to redefine the use of glass in modern architecture. 



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