Solar Control Glass for Automobile Showrooms!

29 March 2013

Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photo stream


Automobile showrooms demand glazing solutions of the highest caliber. The huge, shimmering facades of glass require the best of clarity & transparency, allowing clear visibility even in passing. Auto showrooms also see a high frequency of customer walk-ins every day. Hence, it is also mandatory that these showrooms ensure occupancy comfort with the least possible power consumption.


The glazing solutions should ensure that the light transmitted is optimum, and does not cause a glare for the occupants inside.


Showrooms are the connect between a brand and the customers. Hence they need to have a huge visual appeal besides being able to reflect the brand personality.


Featured here is a Volkswagen Showroom in Chennai, that used solar control glasses for the exteriors and lacquered glass for its interiors.


Antelio Plus Sparkling Ice (ST 167) 12 mm has been extensively used in this Volkswagen showroom. The Sparkling Ice variant of Antelio Plus offers high levels of light transmission and is ideally suited to be an exterior glass for showrooms. Its excellent clarity ensures that the showcased products are visible in their original colours.


Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photo stream


Sparkling Ice is a glass with solar control properties; it cuts the heat and allows optimum amount of light to pass through. It can be toughened glass and can be used in single glazing just like a normal clear glass. It is one of the best options available when it comes to single glazing. The solar control coating is robust, weather-resistant and highly durable.


To add to the aesthetics of the showrooms, coloured glass SGG Planilaque Evolution has been used. Planilaque Extra White was chosen to panel the walls, pillars and lounges of the Volkswagen showrooms. It is a colour that reflects the brand’s personality – elegant, subtle and sophisticated. 


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