Solar Control Glass for Single Glazing – Antelio-Plus Sparkling Ice

10 August 2012

The coolest new statement in style & substance


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It's the age of the retail revolution. And a revolution in Single glazing and solar control glass. Read on…From slick brands to sleek gadgets clamouring for attention in shopping malls, from shimmering pieces of jewellery to swanky cars sitting pretty in their showrooms, it's all about showcasing the product to grab the prospective buyer's eyeballs. And purse strings too! After all, visual merchandising is an integral part of product sales & promotion.


But, no matter what efforts go into making the display spectacular, much of it depends on how good the exhibiting glass is. Which is why, the role of glass for buildings has taken precedence like never before. And what better option than a Sun Ban Reflective Glass that offers Solar Control, Transparency and Low Reflection all at once?!


Sparkling Ice (ST 167), a variant of the Antelio-Plus range of glass from Saint-Gobain, is clearly designed to be the architect's delight. With escalating energy costs, not to mention the excessive heat and light that ordinary clear glass lets in through the glass facade, the superior benefits of Sparkling Ice certainly shine brighter. Sample this. It can cut down Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation upto 30% when compared to ordinary  glass, a feature that greatly helps to protect the display products/merchandise from fading. What's more, with its Sun Ban properties that cut heat and allow optimum light transmission, it can even cut up to 40% of energy costs!That's not all, the use of Sparkling Ice calls for lesser artificial lighting and lower HVAC needs (low tonnage air-conditioners), ensuring that the building automatically improves in adherence to several energy efficiency norms stipulated by ECBC.



Sparkling Ice is also one of the best options available when it comes to single glazing. It is a toughened glass and can be used in single glazing just like a normal clear glass as the Solar Control coating is robust and weather-resistant. It delivers top-class performance and is equipped with high-durability, coupled with a post-coating processing that allows flexibility of usage.


Ideal for all types of construction, Sparkling Ice is best suited for  shopping malls, multiplexes, retail-spaces, shop fronts and showrooms. In fact, it has been used in the Hyundai automobile showroom at Sholinganallur, Chennai, to sparkling effect! As one of the first of its kind products in India to bring together Solar Control and Transparency, Sparkling Ice is yet another testimonial of the Saint-Gobain innovation. Available in the 8mm/10mm/12mm range, this reflective glass is a shining new example of aesthetics and performance for the new-age glass buildings. Read more on Reflective Glass - Antelio-Plus.

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