Switchable Glass – Get ready for some hide ‘n’ seek

23 August 2012

SGG Priva-Lite in a Transparent State 

Imagine a glass that lets you decide how private you want it to be? A glass that gives you the freedom to make it transparent? A glass that you choose to be translucent? Sounds too good to be true? With Saint-Gobain Glass, anything is possible!Welcome to the world of SGG Priva-Lite, a world that can switch from public to private – all in the flick of a switch!


Let’s know what this Priva-lite is all about. A smart glass, SGG PRIVA-LITE is a laminated glass comprising two panes of glass, either clear or tinted, and a liquid crystal interlayer film. Its unique technology allows it to be switched from an ordinary-looking clear glass to a whitish translucent glass, ensuring optimal vision control.


When the glass is switched off from its special power supply (transformers provided), the liquid crystals are randomly scattered, preventing both sides from seeing through the glass. By switching the glass on, the crystals line up and reorient themselves, turning the SGG Priva-Lite totally transparent.


SGG Priva-Lite is tested to comply with the CENELEC European Standards and can meet stringent security requirements. The laminated glass ensures a high degree of safety, and combined with the Saint-Gobain Glass' range of bullet-resistant glazing; it can prove to be an efficient, anti-bandit glass. It is ideal for hiding precious items that are intended to be revealed only to a selective audience. Clocking a low electricity consumption, SGG Priva-Lite comes with a 5-year guarantee.



SGG Priva-Lite in a Translucent State 


Some of its features are...

External vertical glazing

  • UV-proof, remains stable with time and requires no Specific maintenance
  • Can be incorporated into single or double glazing
  • Can be curved, silk-screen printed or sand-blasted



  • Excellent video or slide projection screen due to a high resolution
  • Outstanding luminosity and colours, thanks to the light-diffusing effect of the liquid crystals
  • Amazing special effects are possible by alternating between transparent and translucent states



  • Transmits the same quantity of light (approximately 77%) in both transparent and translucent states
  • Curtains and blinds become redundant
  • Hygienic
  • Besides its excellent acoustic insulation properties, SGG Priva-Lite can also be combined with the SGG range of sound-proof glazing


SGG Priva-Lite is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. It has been used extensively in key global projects that include banks, hotels, airports, train stations and even airbuses. With its apparent advantages, SGG Priva-Lite is the ultimate choice when you want intimacy transformed to transparency!

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