Conversations with the S(h)elf

Most women are prone to having these imaginary conversations in their head, especially when the Husband is not willing to lend a ear. Do I wear ethnic or contemporary to the party? Shall we have Thai or Continental for dinner? And such. So, when you are thinking of what kind of shutters your kitchen should sport, chances are that the better half would not be game for a discussion. What’s in a pane…he’s most likely to ask. And hence, your conversations with the s(h)elf go something like this: Conversations with the S(h)elf

Comfort- Well Being: Inspire

Comfort, a ubiquitous word, plays a versatile role in our day-to-day life. How often do we, hear about the need for comfort food, wear comfort clothing and have a comfort stay? Seldom does one realize how indispensable it has become for cognitive and physical ease. Saint-Gobain is committed to enable each person to feel comfortable wherever they live. Comfort- Well Being: Inspire

Mirror with a WIN-WIN!!!

There is a common fallacy when it comes to usage of MIRRORS for just practical purposes. Think of it again, is it just for examining our appearance, examining what is behind us on the road, building magnificent skyscrapers, and making scientific research instruments, such as microscopes and lasers, or is there more? Mirror with a WIN-WIN!!!

Details that matter

Types of Glass Processing

Glass is veering away from being just a building material to becoming an indispensable part of aesthetic interiors and attractive exteriors. It brings an inherent sophistication that can up the glamour quotient of any space. And it is not just about the visual appeal that it exudes, but more significantly, the several functional benefits that glass extends. Glass is processed in various different ways that gives it a distinct look and texture. Let us explore and discover what lends glass its life, lustre, longevity and the ability to liven up living and working spaces. Details that matter

Rethink Pink, this Women’s Day

Pink is the new power and you have the power now!

It is a colour that has long been associated with femininity. Think Pink, think ‘weaker sex’. But, no longer. Today, it is time to change, not the colour, but the connotations for which it stands. It is time to rethink Pink and perceive it as the colour of progress, of power and of empowerment! Rethink Pink, this Women’s Day

A Well Thought-out Space Matters!

Monsoons have arrived, and oh what a respite from the rising mercury! It is the advent of the season that calls for sipping a hot cup of Chai and admiring nature’s beauty. Decades ago, how our parents celebrated monsoon was much different from the millennial generation’s monsoons. They were far more connected with nature, explored every season by welcoming it whole-heartedly. Comparing present day to yesteryears only brings a sense of insecurity; insecurity if the natural heritage and rich legacy will live for our future generations to witness. A Well Thought-out Space Matters!

Glazing a new trail

Saint-Gobain Inspire for the Kitchen


These are exciting times for the modular systems industry, when the market is flooded with a variety of options that they, in turn, can offer to customers. Modular systems specialists wield a significant influence on their clients and can help make informed decisions in terms of choosing the right material. While there are plenty available, selecting the most optimum material can be tricky. Glazing a new trail