Rethink Pink, this Women’s Day

Pink is the new power and you have the power now!

It is a colour that has long been associated with femininity. Think Pink, think ‘weaker sex’. But, no longer. Today, it is time to change, not the colour, but the connotations for which it stands. It is time to rethink Pink and perceive it as the colour of progress, of power and of empowerment! Rethink Pink, this Women’s Day

A Well Thought-out Space Matters!

Monsoons have arrived, and oh what a respite from the rising mercury! It is the advent of the season that calls for sipping a hot cup of Chai and admiring nature’s beauty. Decades ago, how our parents celebrated monsoon was much different from the millennial generation’s monsoons. They were far more connected with nature, explored every season by welcoming it whole-heartedly. Comparing present day to yesteryears only brings a sense of insecurity; insecurity if the natural heritage and rich legacy will live for our future generations to witness. A Well Thought-out Space Matters!

Glazing a new trail

Saint-Gobain Inspire for the Kitchen


These are exciting times for the modular systems industry, when the market is flooded with a variety of options that they, in turn, can offer to customers. Modular systems specialists wield a significant influence on their clients and can help make informed decisions in terms of choosing the right material. While there are plenty available, selecting the most optimum material can be tricky. Glazing a new trail

Inspiring a new generation of modular systems

Marrying form with function, classic with the contemporary, and design with décor. Modular systems are redefining the new-age living and working spaces with a classy statement. Offering an array of options that can be customized, and limited only to the extent of one’s imagination, the modular industry is certainly having a field day. Metrika – Futuristic Modular Solutions is one of the leading players in the market, having carved a niche for itself by virtue of its futuristic modular solutions.

Inspiring a new generation of modular systems

In a ‘glass’ of its own

Saint-Gobain Glass has always placed innovation at the heart of its operations, creating product lines that bring wellbeing to living spaces.  For women the world over, wellbeing of those around them continues to drive all that they do. No wonder then, that Saint-Gobain’s Inspire, glass solutions for innovative interiors, is what every woman would want in her home, her kitchen, to bring that very sense of wellbeing into every space. Here’s a glimpse into Mr.C.B.More’s home in Mumbai, where SGG Planilaque, a coloured and lacquered glass from the Inspire suite of products, has been extensively used in the kitchen. The homemaker, Mrs.Kanchan Patil, gives us an insight into how and why she chose Planilaque, and what makes it the ideal choice.
In a ‘glass’ of its own

Saint-Gobain glazes Indian Railways’ Vistadome Coaches

The picturesque trail from Visakhapatnam to the scenic Araku Valley will finally get the awe-inspiring attention it deserves, thanks to Saint-Gobain Glass and a unique initiative by the Indian Railways. Specially designed and supplied for the first-of-its-kind Vistadome coach, the glass features on the roof to enable an unparalleled view of the panoramic vistas outside. Saint-Gobain glazes Indian Railways’ Vistadome Coaches

Why Top Consultants Recommend Planilaque

Saint-Gobain Inspire at AT Kearney, Gurgaon

62 offices. 40 countries. 3600 employees. Consultant to two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500, AT Kearney is among the most respected consultancy firms in the world. It has the last word on everything, even on the interior glass it chooses for its offices. So when it decides on Saint Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque, little else needs to be said. It is a validation. Of the smart choosing the intelligent, of the best picking the best. While it is gratifying to know that we are the preferred choice, it is also a reinforcement of the faith we invest in our product portfolio. In this case, the Planilaque Evolution from our Inspire range of interior glass solutions. Why Top Consultants Recommend Planilaque