Comfort- Well Being: Inspire

Comfort, a ubiquitous word, plays a versatile role in our day-to-day life. How often do we, hear about the need for comfort food, wear comfort clothing and have a comfort stay? Seldom does one realize how indispensable it has become for cognitive and physical ease. Saint-Gobain is committed to enable each person to feel comfortable wherever they live. Comfort- Well Being: Inspire

Mirror with a WIN-WIN!!!

There is a common fallacy when it comes to usage of MIRRORS for just practical purposes. Think of it again, is it just for examining our appearance, examining what is behind us on the road, building magnificent skyscrapers, and making scientific research instruments, such as microscopes and lasers, or is there more? Mirror with a WIN-WIN!!!

Details that matter

Types of Glass Processing

Glass is veering away from being just a building material to becoming an indispensable part of aesthetic interiors and attractive exteriors. It brings an inherent sophistication that can up the glamour quotient of any space. And it is not just about the visual appeal that it exudes, but more significantly, the several functional benefits that glass extends. Glass is processed in various different ways that gives it a distinct look and texture. Let us explore and discover what lends glass its life, lustre, longevity and the ability to liven up living and working spaces. Details that matter