Rethink Pink, this Women’s Day

Pink is the new power and you have the power now!

It is a colour that has long been associated with femininity. Think Pink, think ‘weaker sex’. But, no longer. Today, it is time to change, not the colour, but the connotations for which it stands. It is time to rethink Pink and perceive it as the colour of progress, of power and of empowerment! Rethink Pink, this Women’s Day

Reflecting Style & Safety

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Wipro, Bengaluru

It is a company that has constantly believed in ‘applying thought’. It is a company that has always been at the heart of innovation. It  is a company that has never shied away from treading on new paths. Little wonder then, that Wipro would choose to endorse the  innovative, new glass from Saint-Gobain’s Inspire range – SGG Planisafe for offices. 


Reflecting Style & Safety

Glass at the Cinemas

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad


The next time you catch up on a movie, make sure to look out for the glass at the cinemas. At Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad, in particular. With the new-age theatre ambience being overhauled like never before, interior design ideas have found a new space to flourish in.  The interior designers took the glass route and turned over conventional definitions to contemporary design. Glass at the Cinemas

Glass for Car Showrooms

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Maruti NEXA Showroom, Hyderabad


Automobile dealers are making the shift from the concept of aggressive sales to extending a one-of-its-kind personalized ‘experience’ for prospective buyers. Maruti Suzuki is the latest to join the growing tribe of brands targeting niche segments, with its state-of-the-art ‘NEXA’ showrooms. Currently retailing its premium variants ‘S Cross’ and ‘Baleno’, NEXA is clearly the place where the privileged would like to be seen in. NEXA is also where showroom interiors get a brand-new definition and glass for showrooms, in particular, makes a statement like never before. Glass for Car Showrooms

Glass for the Office Space

Saint-Gobain Inspire at J.P. Morgan Chase, Hyderabad


These are exciting times for interior designers working with glass for the office space. And why not? Glass has always added glitz and glamour to architecture, but its innovative new uses are definitely a revelation. This is precisely what the interior designer and contractors discovered and delivered at the J.P.Morgan Chase office at Hitech City, Hyderabad with Planilaque from Saint-Gobain Glass. Glass for the Office Space

Banking on Glass

Saint-Gobain Inspire at DCB Bank, Hyderabad

Located in the posh Banjara Hills of Hyderabad, DCB Bank makes for a refreshing representation of a modern banking partner. Eons away from the drab monotony of a typical bank’s interiors, DCB Bank has attempted to create a warm and welcoming ambience. Experimenting with uses other than what glass in banks is traditionally known for, the Bank has built an upmarket image for itself. Banking on Glass

Glass for the Modern Office

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Siemens Technology and Services,  Chennai

The Siemens Technology and Services office at SP Infocity – Perungudi, Chennai, is an embodiment of the new-age workplace : elegant, understated and carrying the corporate image with elan. It is where minimalism speaks volumes, and the interior space is designed to have a persona of its own. There is nothing that screams for attention and it is this quiet power that glass for the modern office has been wielding in recent times. Glass for the Modern Office