How your interiors influence feelings and performance

Ever mused over the trend in the restaurant segment? Why are you always in a hurry to leave from a fast food chain? Or, why, once you step into a fine dining, you become at ease and unwind? If you deconstruct your experience at a fast food chain, it would more often have plastic furniture, vibrant colours, and harsh lights causing anxiety.

On the contrary, fine dining restaurants have opulent furniture, dark hues depicting luxury and soft lighting to relax your senses. Of course, there are as many definitions to beauty/aesthetics as vision itself.

Over the years, several architects and interior designers have come to a common understanding on how significant space design is, to an individual’s emotional senses. It would now be safe to say that aesthetics have a substantial role to play on the wellbeing of inhabitants. Having said that, eccentric and unique décor styles are alluring, but in the long run, ambience that is comfortable irrespective of taste is what one longs for. Quite a few psychologists and neuroscientists are engaged in new research that identifies aesthetics and its effect on occupants’ frame of mind and their behaviour. As a matter of fact, interior designers and architects are borrowing knowledge from psychology to better the impact of interior spaces on inhabitants.



‘To each, his own’ says the world and to an extent, it is true with the myriad possibilities and opinions that prevail on aesthetics and space design. However, there is enough cohesion available to pigeon hole these responses. The vividness of a space can have a major impact on behaviour and emotions. For example, individuals who suffer from claustrophobia can have extreme reactions to enclosed settings. This,in no way, demeans compact space but contributions in the form of furnishings, colour, lighting and materials add value to it. A solution ensuring comfort of this individual in the given space could be usage of glass partitions, making it porous, and accent walls which bring depth causing space to appear larger than it is.

The widely accepted notion on home is where the heart is, heart is where happiness is, holds true. Homes on their own cannot contribute to happiness but each home can be designed in a way that ensures good mood, health and wellbeing.



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