Conversations with the S(h)elf

Most women are prone to having these imaginary conversations in their head, especially when the Husband is not willing to lend a ear. Do I wear ethnic or contemporary to the party? Shall we have Thai or Continental for dinner? And such. So, when you are thinking of what kind of shutters your kitchen should sport, chances are that the better half would not be game for a discussion. What’s in a pane…he’s most likely to ask. And hence, your conversations with the s(h)elf go something like this: Conversations with the S(h)elf

Why Top Consultants Recommend Planilaque

Saint-Gobain Inspire at AT Kearney, Gurgaon

62 offices. 40 countries. 3600 employees. Consultant to two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500, AT Kearney is among the most respected consultancy firms in the world. It has the last word on everything, even on the interior glass it chooses for its offices. So when it decides on Saint Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque, little else needs to be said. It is a validation. Of the smart choosing the intelligent, of the best picking the best. While it is gratifying to know that we are the preferred choice, it is also a reinforcement of the faith we invest in our product portfolio. In this case, the Planilaque Evolution from our Inspire range of interior glass solutions. Why Top Consultants Recommend Planilaque

A Glass designed to Work Out

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Fitness First, New Delhi


When we were commissioned for glazing solutions by Fitness First, the largest privately owned fitness group in the world, we thought it was a ‘fit’ting tribute to celebrate fitness. And what better way to do it, than supply them with one of the fittest glasses from our stable, Saint-Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque Evolution. The perfect fit in terms of form, and function, SGG Planilaque looms large at Fitness First, New Delhi. 

A Glass designed to Work Out

Revolutionary Glass for Evolving Workspaces

Saint-Gobain Inspire at LinkedIn, Bengaluru

There are offices. There are workplaces. And then there is LinkedIn. How does one even begin to describe the space of work that LinkedIn calls its office at Bengaluru? After all, there is nothing about it that remotely suggests a formal, plain environment that corporate offices have been known for. So far, that is. NOW is a new time to be in, for novel interior ideas to take shape. Now is the time for revolutionary glass for evolving workspaces, with Saint-Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque.


Revolutionary Glass for Evolving Workspaces

Class & Glass at the Office

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Dell, Noida

Inside Dell at Noida, you will be forgiven for forgetting you have just entered a corporate office. The staid, drab, corporate look is a thing of the past. Get ready to welcome yourself into a space that is sure to take you by surprise. Yes, the unmistakable stamp of innovative glass in the corporate office is paving the way for glitzy interiors as offices ready themselves to be completely overhauled. Class & Glass at the Office

Glass in the Public Space

Saint-Gobain Inspire at SLN Terminus, Hyderabad

At the heart of Hyderabad’s fastest growing business corridor, Gachibowli, is the SLN Terminus. A mixed use facility that encompasses retail, residential, business and dining spaces, it is a confluence that represents the new face of India’s most recently born state, Telangana. From posh exteriors to plush interiors, the spotlight once again finds itself on glass in the public space. Saint-Gobain’s Planilaque, the coloured and lacquered glass has been used extensively in a myriad of colours to up the glamour ante at the SLN Terminus. Glass in the Public Space

Glass for the Showroom

Saint-Gobain Glass at Casa Décor, Madrid

Casa Décor is a celebration of all things that make a house, nice and beautiful… everything that makes a house, a home. As one of the most popular home goods store in Madrid, it is home to the finest interior décor items to spruce up living spaces. For a showroom that underlines aesthetics, it is only natural that Casa Décor scored high on its aesthetic value as well. And what better way to add class than glass for the showroom?

Glass for the Showroom

Glass for Corporate Interiors

SGG Planilaque Evolution at Ericsson, Delhi

Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

The use of interior glass can transcend the traditional and usher in new trends to transform the corporate interior landscape. While glass is indispensable and it is impossible to steer clear from its typical applications, what can add more interesting dimensions is the new-age uses that glass has now come to have. With Saint-Gobain’s range of coloured and lacquered glass – Planilaque –  designing for corporate interiors will now bring more cheer, and of course, colour to the workplace.
Glass for Corporate Interiors