Advanced Solutions

Advanced Glass Solutions is a class of glass that is especially designed for futuristic architecture. Built in with state-of-the-art technology, these glazing solutions elevate the aesthetic appeal of a building to new levels.  Besides the visual dynamics, advanced glass solutions are infused with several functional and eco-friendly attributes that add value to contemporary architecture.
Saint-Gobain provides a range of advanced glass solutions that bring the future of technology to facades. These exclusive solutions offer technological superiority with aesthetic beauty.
The advanced glass solutions from Saint-Gobain include a Dynamic Light and Heat control glass that switches from clear to tinted under a low voltage current, a Privacy-at-will glass that transits from transparent to translucent in the flick of a switch, a Self Illuminating Facade that animates itself through the dynamic interplay of light and colour through high-end LED technology and a Dynamic Media Facade that is a matrix of LEDs displaying digital content on the exterior of a building without hindering the view from inside.
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