Facade Glazing - Solar Control

In a tropical country like India, glass facades can control the amount of heat that enters buildings. Therefore, solar control glass plays an important role in not just significantly reducing the incoming heat but also decreasing the cost on air-conditioning and blinds.
Solar control glass has a microscopically thin coating on one side that reflects heat from the sun to the outside. In areas that are extensively glazed, glass helps prevent over-heating. It can also reduce the uncomfortable glare that comes from direct sunlight.

When using solar control glass for glazing large areas, the glass allows natural lighting whilst restricting the resultant heat from glazing. This is particularly useful in glass conservatory roofs or south-facing glazed areas.
Glass facades with solar control glass are an energy-efficient way to reflect heat from the sun and keep interiors cooler. Solar control glass is well-suited for commercial glazing because of its ability to curtail excess heat whilst allowing optimum daylight and creating a larger sense of space.
Saint-Gobain Glass offers a wide range of solar control glass.  The different glass variants can be used in combination to create a multi-functional glazing that results in low-maintenance, noise reduction, aesthetic appeal and enhanced safety & security.
SGG ENVISION is an advanced solar control glass and low-E glass. This green building glass is designed to give a spectrally selective solar control performance and comes with excellent thermal insulation properties.
SGG NANO SILVER is manufactured by depositing a coating of metallic oxides by magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions onto clear or body-tinted glass. It is this coating that gives the glass its solar control and thermal insulation properties as well as its distinctive appearance.
SGG NANO is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy-efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low e) properties. It is ideal for modern architecture which demands exterior glazing solutions with a neutral appearance.
SGG EVO is a solar control glass that is energy-efficient and has thermal insulation properties in a single glazing application. It is designed to be in conformance with the requirements of green buildings and ECBC (BEE) regulations and is the ideal choice for buildings that are going in for the LEED/IGBC rating and TERI-GRIHA rating.
SGG PLANITHERM is an advanced thermal insulation glass manufactured by coating clear or body tinted float glass with metallic oxides through a process of magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions. It also has a neutral appearance due to very low reflection.
SGG COOL-LITE ST is an advanced energy-efficient reflective solar control glass that cuts excess heat and optimizes light transmission. The product has been specifically designed for countries like India which face tropical climate.
SGG ANTELIO PLUS is a reflective solar control exterior glass that can be used to block the incoming heat radiation from the sun, while allowing in natural light. It can be used in single glazing as protection from extreme weather.
SGG REFLECTASOL is a reflective solar control glass that is best suited for buildings in geographies with tropical climate, where solar heat needs to be controlled in order to keep interiors cool. It reflects the right quantity of sunlight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light and hence the need for artificial lights as well as air-conditioners is significantly reduced.
SGG PARSOL is a body tinted glass manufactured by the float process. Specially designed for exterior applications, it is a tinted glass with a coloured appearance, and also has the properties of basic solar control glass.


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