Advanced Solutions - Dynamic Light And Heat Control

Saint-Gobain's Dynamic Light and Heat Control glass belongs to its series of advanced glass solutions for futuristic architecture. This double or triple insulating glazing can be switched from clear to darkly tinted (and vice versa) under a low voltage current, without blocking the view. It is a transparent glass that has dynamic heat and light control based on ambient temperature.
A reliable electrochromic solution, the glass is designed for solar protection and ideally replaces standard shading systems. It ensures acoustic and thermal efficiency with luminescent comfort and remains swift & silent even as it switches from one state to another. It is suitable for windows, skylights and facades of penthouses, villas, hotels, restaurants and residential buildings as well as for yachts and ships.
Saint-Gobain's 'Electrochrome' belongs to the dynamic light and heat control glass category. Read more on this product...

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