Saint-Gobain, “Practical solutions for everyday living”


Saint-Gobain, “Practical solutions for everyday living”: As a producer, processor and distributor of material (glass, ceramics, plastics…), Saint-Gobain transforms raw materials for use into advanced products for use in our everyday lives.



Saint-Gobain operates in more than 50 countries worldwide, is one of the world’s hundred leading industrial corporations, and fields a workforce of over 200,000. Saint-Gobain is world leader in each of its competencies.


The Saint-Gobain Group is divided into 5 sectors in accordance with the model of development: Building Distribution, High-Performance Materials (which includes Ceramics, Plastics, Abrasives and Reinforcements), Flat Glass, Packaging and Construction Products (which includes Insulation, Gypsum, Pipe, Industrial Mortars and Exteriors products).