Windows - How to Choose Glass

How to choose the right Solar Control Glass?
Solar Control Glass is available across India in a range of colours, thicknesses and performances.
Thickness: Available in a range of 3.5mm to 6mm for different areas and sizes and installation as per the current national guidelines.
Color: Available in Neutral, Metallic, Green and Blue families.
Processing: The Solar Control Glass range can be cut to the required size, beveled and edge worked as required. Besides, this range can be processed into Double Glazed units, tempered or laminated to meet safety norms.
Power saving / Star ratings:
The Solar Control Glass range comes with a special coating that provides heat control / power savings. You can now choose from a range of heat control / power saving glass solutions.
The power saving of the glass is inversely proportional to the solar factor of the glass. Depending upon the solar factor the glass is given different Solar rating. The higher the Solar rating, the better the heat control and electricity saving.
 SOLAR FACTOR  Sun Ban Rating
0.40 to 0.55  
0.30 to 0.39    
0.20 to 0.29    
Choose Your Glass
You can now choose your glass based on the above parameters like colours, thicknesses and power saving ratings.
Brand/Category Houses of  Colour Colour Shade Aesthetics
   Neutrals Light Gold Abundant Natural Light / Stylish Look & Privacy
Metals Bronze Brighter Interiors / Elegant Appearance
    Blue Sapphire Blue Brighter Interiors / Elegant Appearance
Green Green Brighter Interiors / Stylish Look & Privacy
Metals Grey Optimum Natural Light / Soothing Appearance
    Blue Imperial Blue Optimum Natural Light / Elegant Appearance


Green Forest Green Optimum Natural Light / Stylish Look & Privacy

Values in accordance with ISO 9050 m 1.5