Green Solutions for Segments - Airports

Glass for Airports
The Need
Airports have a compelling need to prevent fatigue, besides ensuring daylighting, acoustic comfort, energy-efficiency and indoor occupants’ comfort.
Transparency is required to bring relief in high traffic areas and prevent any kind of claustrophobic feeling to the waiting passengers. All season 24X7 comfort can be achieved by choosing the right glass with solar & thermal insulation properties and light transmission index. Air-side acoustic comfort can be achieved by acoustic lamination in the architectural design, adding to indoor occupants’ comfort.
Going Green with Glass
For round the year, 24X7 performance, a glass solution should be chosen with High Selectivity, Optimum Solar Factor & U-value and abundant Light Transmission that cut down on glare.
High degree of Acoustic comfort can be achieved by laminating glass using acoustic PVB.
The glass should have very low external reflection, to ensure seamless vision while approaching the terminals.
An architectural design with good daylight, external views, sense of comfort and safety contribute towards a pleasant waiting experience at airports.
Ideal Specification for Green Airports


Performance Ideal Specifications
Light Transmission 40% - 50%
Solar Factor/SHGC 0.2 - 0.25
U-Value less than 2W sqm/K
External Reflection less than 20%
Acoustic 45 - 50 db reduction


Technical Specification
For Green Airports, Fifth Generation double silvered low-e, coated glass is the apt solution for achieving high light transmission, low power consumption, very low external reflection and complete transparency.
Superior Spectral selectivity of 2 provides complete transparency with highest heat ingress insulation (Selectivity: Ratio of light transmission to the solar heat gain)
The ideal glazing combination for the desired acoustic comfort is:
  • Double Laminated DGU (86.4-24-68.4)
Recommended Product Range
SGG Envision from Saint-Gobain Glass is ideally designed for projects that feature green architectural design, like airports.
SGG Envision is an advanced solar control glass and low-E glass. This green building glass is designed to give a spectrally selective solar control performance and comes with excellent thermal insulation properties. It has high selectivity, ensures abundant light transmission and is more transparent than other solar control glasses. 

Advanced Solar Control Glass - SGG ENVISION