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Glass For Green Certification
The Need
In homes across the world, there is the need for low electricity bills, aesthetic appeal, faster paybacks, privacy and hygiene.
Extra electricity charges can be cut by allowing natural lighting that can reduce the use of artificial lights for most part of the day. Also, there is the need for reduced heat gain in the interiors to save on the air-conditioning load. Besides creating visual appeal, there is the need for a material that performs with faster paybacks and ensures privacy is maintained within the four walls of the home. 
Glass for green homes can help meet these parameters. 
Going Green with Glass
Advanced Solar Control glass coating in single glazing helps in optimum lighting in the interiors, reducing the heat gain and enabling significant reduction in UV radiation in the interiors.
Glass for homes, especially coated glass, adds to the aesthetics of the residential space. It helps in increasing the living space beyond the carpet area. Glass is safer when used in homes, compared to other alternate VOC building materials that are available. It also ensures faster paybacks and recovering investment early. 
Energy-efficiency and Daylighting
Glass helps in controlling the solar and thermal heat in the interiors, maintaining the temperature at its minimum best and in turn contributing to reduction in air-conditioning expenditure.
Glass brings in a lot of natural light, decreasing the need for artificial lighting and thereby considerably reducing electricity consumption.
Ideal Specification for Green Homes
Performance Ideal Specification
Light Transmission 20% - 30%
Solar Factor/SHGC less than 0.3
U-Value NA
Colour Clear and Green


Technical Specification
Single Glazing fenestration application is possible with Third Generation Nitride Coated glass. This glazing solution delivers the twin advantages of:
  1. Reducing heat in the interiors, therefore directly reducing the cost on cooling 
  2. Allowing optimum lighting, thus preventing the use of curtains
Recommended Product Range
Saint-Gobain Glass has a range of specially designed glass that is suitable for use in green homes. SGG Evo is a solar control glass that is energy efficient and has thermal insulation properties in a single glazing application. This green building glass is an ideal choice for LEED rating/ECBC compliance. It delivers a high performance in single glazing.  It helps maintain clear vision both during day & night.  SGG Evo is available in lighter shades and hues.
The colours enable higher colour rendering index that results in visibility of the true colour of the object. The eco colours add a touch of green to the home.