Green Solutions for Segments - Hospitals

The Need
Hospitals, as centers for medical health and care, are naturally expected to deliver occupant comfort, indoor environment quality, cleanliness & maintenance, besides being energy-efficient.
On an average, hospitals require an ambient light of 500 to 1000 Lux for visual comfort. To ensure occupant comfort across all seasons, there is a need to optimize energy performance in order to be an energy-efficient building. To ensure a calm atmosphere, acoustic comfort needs to be maintained. There is the need to connect to the outside environment by means of good external views. Also, usage of non-toxic materials and low Volatile Organic Content (VOC) becomes critical.
To comply with all these requirements, glass can be used to make the hospital, an energy-efficient building.
Going Green with Glass
The right kind of glass with optimum light transmission can be chosen to let in abundant sunlight. It is believed that sunlight aids in fastening healing, increasing Vitamin D levels, alleviating depression and decreasing anxiety. Glass helps in providing external views and eliminates the claustrophobic effect.
Glass extensively reduces the lighting requirement during daytime operation and reduces artificial lighting costs. It ensures acoustic comfort and privacy, thereby increasing the patients' comfort. Glass is non-toxic and easy to clean & maintain. It ensures 24X7 hygiene and also reduces UV penetration.
Ideal Specification for Green Hospitals



 Ideal Specification

 Light Transmission


 20% - 30%

 Solar Factor / SHGC


 0.2 - 0.25



 < 2 Wsqm/K

 Acoustic Comfort


 40-45 db reduction


 35-40 db reduction

Technical Specification
Solar control and thermal insulation can be achieved by Magnetron Sputtering Low-e single silver layer. A glass from the Fourth Generation coating technology series can be chosen for this.
The ideal glazing combination for the desired acoustic comfort is:
  • Traffic Area: Laminated DGU (65.4-12-6)
  • Non-Traffic Area: Asymmetrical DGU (6-12-5)


Recommended Product Range
Saint-Gobain Glass has a variety of glass that is ideally suited for an energy-efficient building.
SGG Nano is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low-e) properties. This low-e reflective glass is made up of select coatings and is ideal for green hospitals which demand exterior glazing solutions with a neutral appearance.
SGG Nano scores high on light transmission as well as heat reflection. It is a sustainable glazing solution for all seasons and desired functionalities. Available in 6 colours, SGG Nano has a neutral appearance in spite of its unique properties, making it aesthetically appealing. It is an environment-friendly product that helps reduce energy consumption and complies with LEED, TERI Griha & ECBC norms.
SGG Planitherm is an advanced thermal insulation glass. It is highly reflective to long–wave heat radiation, hence is a very good thermal insulator. It has a neutral appearance due to very low reflection. This thermal insulated glass also has excellent light transmittance resulting in maximizing the entry of daylight into the building.
For green hospitals, SGG Planitherm, in combination with a solar control glass in a double glazed unit, improves the energy efficiency of a window/façade.It allows maximum light penetration and keeps the interiors warm. It reduces need for heating/cooling, thus helps to save energy and protect the environment.


Low E Glass - Solar Control Glass- SGG Nano
Low E Glass - Thermal Insulation Glass -SGG PLANITHERM