Green Solutions for Segments - Office And It Spaces


Glass for Office, IT and Commercial spaces

The Need
Commercial buildings, especially Office and IT spaces, are driven by the need for Optimum Light Transmission with controlled light distribution, Building Envelope Energy Efficiency, Indoor Occupancy Comfort and Low Glare.
Wider and deeper spaces in offices demand controlled light distribution, possible through larger openings of apt glass solution.
Energy running costs need to be kept low due to incessant operational hours. The right glass helps maintain low glare which is necessary for a pleasant working experience.
Long office hours demand a better living environment including natural lighting, views and low glare, all of which contribute towards better living comfort.
Going Green with Glass
To reduce running costs of commercial buildings, Selectivity plays an important role, striking a balance between Solar factor and Light transmission. To ensure controlled light distribution, glass with optimum light transmission index should be chosen. It should be a glass with low reflection that helps cut glare required for a perfect office setting.
Studies have also proved time and again, that abundant external views from the interiors help increase productivity.

Ideal Specification for Green Office, IT and Commercial Spaces



Ideal Specification

Light Transmission

20% - 30%

Solar Factor/SHGC

0.2 - 0.25


less than 2 Wsqm/k for 24X7 operations

Daylight Factor

2% - 3%


Technical Specification


For Green Office, IT and Commercial spaces, Fourth Generation Single Silver Layer coating process ensures Optimum Visual Light transmission Index and efficient SHGC.
The coating imparts optimum light transmission index, cutting out excess light, maintaining the daylight factor at its minimum and contributing to lowering of glare.

Recommended Product Range :

Saint-Gobain Glass has a variety of glass especially designed for commercial buildings.
SGG Nano is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low-e) properties. This low-e reflective glass is made up of select coatings and is ideal for green commercial buildings which demand exterior glazing solutions with a neutral appearance.
SGG Nano scores high on light transmission as well as heat reflection. It is a sustainable glazing solution for all seasons and desired functionalities. Available in 6 colours, SGG Nano has a neutral appearance in spite of its unique properties, making it aesthetically appealing. It is an environment-friendly product that helps reduce energy consumption and complies with LEED, TERI Griha & ECBC norms.
SGG Planitherm is an advanced thermal insulation glass. It is highly reflective to long–wave heat radiation, hence is a very good thermal insulator. It has a neutral appearance due to very low reflection. This thermal insulated glass also has excellent light transmittance resulting in maximizing the entry of daylight into the building.
For green commercial buildings, SGG Planitherm, in combination with a solar control glass in a double glazed unit, improves the energy efficiency of a window/façade.It allows maximum light penetration and keeps the interiors warm. It reduces need for heating/cooling, thus helps to save energy and protect the environment.


Low E Glass - Solar Control Glass- SGG Nano
Low E Glass - Thermal Insulation Glass -SGG PLANITHERM