Glass Compass

Saint-Gobain Glass has launched 'Glass Compass' a mobile application that helps one to determine the most performing glazing solution based on the geographical location of the building and its orientation. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.
Glass Compass enables the calculation of cost savings on choosing a particular solution, allows personalized settings, gives a quick visualization of the windows and provides easy to access results through e-mail or printing. The application is aimed at architects, builders, consultants and home owners, allowing them to choose the right kind of glass.
Users can learn more about the benefits of energy-efficient glass and also find an installer near them.
Glass Compass is currently available in India, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Download Glass Compass to your android mobile or ipad/iphone.

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