SGG Mirastar

SGG MIRASTAR is a one-way glass procured through a multiple-coating system that uses chromium. The special characteristics of this coating make this spy glass corrosion-proof as well as impervious to water vapour and cleaning agents. It can also, in principle, be thermally toughened to become safety glass.


  • Interior fittings: SGG MIRASTAR is the mirror of choice where safety is a requirements,e.g. for partitions or wall panelling
  • Decoration: SGG Mirastar can be partially coated or screen printed as decorative glass panels 
  • One way mirror: SGG Mirastar can be used as a one-way mirror under certain lighting conditions
  • Doors: As a complete door system or as door sections with a one-way mirror function
  • Indoor swimming pools, bathroom/toilet areas:
  • SGG Mirastar mirrors are an optimal solution for humid areas or where disinfection or cleaning agents are to be employed
  • Trade fairs and shop fitting: whether for partitions, shelf systems, furniture or escalator paneling. SGG Mirastar sets the tone!
  • Facades: SGG Mirastar elements can also be used outside, e.g. for cladding purposes, spandrel areas or glass louvres


Maximum sheet size: 3210mm * 2250mm*
Thickness: 8mm, 10mm
Tint: Neutral
Reflectance : coating side: >58% (+/- 1%)
Transmission: 3%(+/- 1%)


  • Grinding
  • Lamination
  • Bending
  • Toughneing
  • Drilling
  • Engraving or Screen printing


SGG Mirastar
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