SGG PLANITHERM is an advanced thermal insulation glass manufactured by coating clear or body tinted float glass with metallic oxides through a process of magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions. Its highly reflective to long–wave heat radiation, hence is a very good thermal insulator.


When coated on body-tinted glass, this thermal insulation glass combines solar control with thermal insulation properties. It also has has a neutral appearance due to very low reflection. This thermal insulated glass also has excellent light transmittance resulting in maximizing the entry of daylight into the building.



This thermal insulation glass can be used for any external double glazing application.
  • For windows and skylights of residential buildings and private domestic housing
  • Glazing of greenhouses and for patio doors
  • Windows and facades of non-residential buildings


Thermal insulation glass SGG Planitherm in combination with a solar control glass in a double glazed unit is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of a window/façade.
  • It allows maximum light penetration and keeps the interiors warm
  • It reduces need for heating/cooling, thus helps to save energy and protect the environment
  • Provides advanced thermal insulation


SGG Planitherm comes in a wide range of performance and colour options through:
  • SGG Planitherm Pristine White (PLT T) 
  • SGG Planitherm Satin Blue (PLT TB)
  • SGG Planitherm Mint Green (PLT TG)



Since SGG PLANITHERM must always be assembled into double glazed units, spectrophotometric performances are only given for double glazing. A range of performance data with various multifunctional unit combinations are given in the following tables. 
The SGG PLANITHRM coating is generally positioned on face 3 of a double glazed unit though it is possible to place the coating on face 2 without affecting the U-value. However, the appearance may vary slightly depending on whether the coating is positioned on face 2 or 3. It is therefore recommended that units are glazed with the coating on the same face throughout a given facade. 
All coated glass, even the most neutral, can have a slightly different appearance when viewed in reflection. This is inherent to the product and depends on the distance, the angle of incidence, the ratio between the levels of internal and external lighting of the building and the type of objects that are reflected on the facade.
The versatility of the SGG Planitherm coating and the wide range of complimentary products available from Saint-Gobain Glass permit a multitude of possibilities for high performance, multi-functional double glazing solutions.
Solar control Glazing
The SGG Cool-lite family presents an extensive range of solar control solutions, designed to reduce solar heat gain, thereby reducing reliance on ventilation and air conditionaing systems. In particular, the toughenable SGG Cool-lite ST combined with SGG Planitherm provides an ideal solution for conservatory roof apllications.
Low-maintanance Glazing
SGG Bioclean can be combined with SGG Planitherm to add effective self-cleaning properties to a double glazed unit. This product combination offers a significantly more neutral and less reflective solution compared to equivalent products currently available on the market.
Acoustic Insulation Glazing
SGG Stadip Silence is an axoustic PVB laminated glass, which noticeably reduces noise while also offering the same safety and security characteristics of laminated glass. It presents an ideal complement to SGG Planitherm.
Vision Control
SGG Decor Glass is a range of traditional patterned glasses with varying obscuration levels which can be combined with SGG Planitherm to offer privacy in various applications.
SGG Master Glass (a range of contemporary geometric textured glasses) and SGG Satinovo (acid-etched glass) offer further design possibilities for commercial or domestic applications.
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