SGG Cool-Lite ST is an advanced energy efficient solar control glass, manufactured by depositing multiple layers of metallic nitrides onto clear or body-tinted float glass by a magnetically enhanced Cathodic Vacuum Deposition (CVD) sputtering process.
SGG COOL-LITE ST is exterior glass which is manufactured to meet the most exacting standards of  inorder to deliver high performance with ease in processing. SGG Cool-Lite ST is the most preferred glass solution.
This reflective glass can be used for structural glazing / façade glazing / bolted system / curtain walling and / or windows / fenestration applications. It can be used in single glazing, IGU / DGU (Insulated Glazing Unit / Double Glazed Unit), laminated, heat treated (toughened / heat strengthened) and / or bent glazing units.
The product has been specifically designed for countries like India which face tropical climate. The basic functionalities of Cool-Lite ST are to cut excess heat and optimize light transmission.
Being a heat reflective glass, SGG Cool-Lite ST cuts solar heat and keeps the interiors of a building cooler through the daytime, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning.
This reflective glass provides optimum light transmission, thus allowing natural daylight into the interiors and reducing glare. This reduces the need for artificial lighting.
SGG Cool-lite ST comes in a wide range of colours :
  • SGG Cool-lite Platinum (ST 108)
  • SGG Cool-lite Sterling Silver (ST 120)
  • SGG Cool-lite Graphite (ST 136)
  • SGG Cool-lite Deep Green (ST 408)
  • SGG Cool-lite Aquamarine (ST 420)
  • SGG Cool-lite Turquoise (ST 436)
  • SGG Cool-lite Titanium Blue (STB 120)
  • SGG Cool-lite Blue Isle (ST 708)
  • SGG Cool-lite Tranquil Blue (ST 720)
  • SGG Cool-lite Blue Breeze (ST 736)
  • SGG Cool-Lite ST complies with Green Building LEED as well as ECBC norms




  • In facades, SGG Cool-lite must be glazed with the coating on face 2 (facing towards the interior of the building).
  • SGG Cool-lite must be glazed in accordance with current national standards. The setting and location of the glass, the permitted deflection for the frames of insulated glass units and the dimensions of channels are not specific to SGG Cool-lite glass.
  • SGG Coll-lite glass can be installed in exterior bolted glass assemblies.
  • SGG Coll-lite glass can be installed in exterior structural sealant glazing. SGG Cool-lite ST and Classic, in monolithic or double-glazed units, are ideal for this appliation. In opacified monolithic spandrel panels, SGG Cool-lite Classic glass is supplied without opacifier on areas of exterior structural sealant glazing.
  • SGG Cool-lite K and SK coatings are always edge-deleted and must be assembled into a double-glazed unit. As a result the appearance around the edge must be considered.
  • Glass processors and installers must check that all mastics and sealants are compatible with the coating, both for assembly into double-glazing and for traditional installation or use in exterior structural sealant glazing.
  • Like all coated glass, SGG Cool-lite may distort reflected images to some extent, especially if it is toughened, installed into a double-glazed unit, channel-glazed, etc. The appearance of the glass may show some variations inherent to the product, depending on the distance and angle of observation and the ratio of internal and external lighting of the building.
  • Likewise, as with all coated solar control glasses, slight variations in the reflected colour are considered to be normal.
Spandrel area glazing refers to opacified SGG Cool-lite ST or SGG Cool-lite Classic glass, or glazing located in front of an opaque surface. SGG Cool-lite K and SK glass cannot be used in monolithic glazing for spandrel areas.
Opacified glass
  • Avoid all contact with any harsh products(solvents, acids, alkalis, etc) during storage, transportation and installation, as this may cause damage to the opacifier.
  • Openings should be made at the bottom of frames to allow the channels to drain.These openings must be created in such a way as to avoid any water eentering. They must be checked regularly to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • The glass must be channel-glazed on all 4 sides and calculated accordingly. For other systems ask our technical department for details.
  • The edges of opacified SGG Cool-lite Classic glass must not be exposed to and beprotected from adverse weather conditions(eg: using a metal profile)
  • Corrosive materials or those which may give off corrosive fumes(acid, ammonia, cement water, acetic silicones, etc) may damage the opacifier. These must not be placed near the glass(if in any doubt, please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS)
Non-Opacified glass
  • Non-opacified glass must only be used after consultation with our technical department
  • Heat-strengthened or toughened glass must be positioned in front of a uniform background so that the structures they are covering do not show through.
  • If the light transmittance of the glass is higher than 14%, an opacified glass must be used
Double-glazed units
  • The use of double-glazed glass units in opaque spandrel panels or in front of an opaque surface is only possible if it is permitted by UK regulations.
  • In all cases, this use must comply with the technical rules concerning: the width of the cavity,thickness of the glass, toughening requirements etc. Please contact Saint-Gobain Glass for assistance.
  • The frame in which the spandrel panel assembly is placed must be drained. In the case of a ventilated assembly, the frame must allow for ventilation of the spandrel panel.
  • The various components of the spandrel panel assembly are supported on the same setting and location elements.
  • The system for fixing the assembly must never cause any shear stress either in the assembly or in the seal bonding the glass onto the frame, either as a result of external stresses or as a result of the differential expansion of the components.
For further information, see the document entitled " SGG COOL-LITE, Instructions for use".
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