SGG PLANILAQUE is a lacquered glass, coloured and opaque in appearance, and is produced by depositing and then baking a highly durable and resistant lacquer to one side of the glass.



SGG PLANILAQUE is a new generation lacquered interior glass, coloured and opaque in appearance, produced by depositing and then baking a highly resistant lacquer to one of its faces. Once in service, it is a highly durable material, requiring low maintenance, since the lacquer coating is protected by the glass.
This product is suitable for all interior surfaces where colour contributes to enhancing an area, including damp or humid rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.
SGG Planilaque Evolution can be used in domestic and commercial locations such as offices, hotels, museums, theatres and cinemas, for:
  • wall panelling and column cladding
  • Furniture
  • Cladding for cabinet & wardrobe & sliding doors
  • Shop-fittings, conters, showcases
SGG Planilaque combines the attractive appearance of the lacquer with the clarity of glass. There are Eight shades in the range: four light colours, contrasting with four deep colours, including black. The stylish, radiant colours of SGG Planilaque Evolution co-ordinate well with natural materials(wood, metal, stone etc).
The composition of the lacquer used in SGG Planilaque enables the glass, in all colours, to be used in damp and humidity rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, without additional protective backing.
The lacquer is applied to the reverse side of the glassso that it is protected from damage and ensures that the colours are durable and bright.
SGG PLANILAQUE is available in 19 shades :
  • Extra White
  • Black
  • Ultra White
  • Flame Red
  • Aqua Blue
  • Ivory
  • Olive Green
  • Calm Sky
  • Pista Green
  • Atoll Blue
  • Almond Green
  • Cool Earth
  • Opera Red
  • Choco Brown
  • Fusion Orange
  • Titanium Grey
  • Solar Yellow
  • Casis Purple
  • Mint Green
This coloured lacquered glass is for interior use only, suitable for installation in any enclosed space, including rooms which are likely to be moist and humid (kitchen, bathroom etc).
This glass should always be placed in front of an opaque wall.
The wall should be perfectly smooth and flat. If the installation surface is too irregular, a plywood panel needs to be fixed before installing the glass.
This glass is not to be installed on damp walls or close to sources of heat (electric heaters, cookers etc).
Adhesive fixing:
Mirror-compatible adhesive must be used (test the reaction of the glue on the lacquer if in doubt about the neutrality of the glue), or double-sided adhesive tape.
Mechanical fixing:  
This can be done using mirror rail which will also help mask irregularities in the wall, using brackets or 'J'-section trim.
The gap between two panels should ideally be 1-2mm.
Like silvered glass, SGG Planilaque can be:
  • cut
  • edgeworked
  • drilled
During cutting, the sheets must be placed on a clean table in order to protect the lacquer. There are a number of possible options for customising SGG Planilaque Evolution,
  • Cold screen printing of a pattern or logo on the glass(non-lacquered)side:
  • Sandblasted or deep engraving. The effect will differ according to whether the sandblasting or engraving is carried out on the lacquered or non-lacquered side