SGG Priva-lite


SGG Privalite is an "Intelligent Glass" which provides privacy at the flick of a switch.



Switchable glass SGG PRIVA-LITE offers you privacy at the flick of a switch. Its unique technology allows it to be switched from an ordinary looking clear glass to a whitish translucent glass, ensuring optimal vision control.
  • Partitions, doors and sliding doors, floor panels, counters, displayes cases, bak screens etc
  • Back projection
  • Windows, single or double glazed facades
  • Opaque back projection screens/multi-media walls




  • Switchable glass: Becomes transparent or translucent instantaneously at will
  • Glass consumes low power (5 W/m2)
  • Curtains and blinds become redundan
  • This glass can be curved, silk-screen printed or sand-blasted
  • Excellent projection screen; uses reliable material, tested as per CE and URL standards
  • Ideal for hiding retail products meant for select customers


Minimum Dimensions: 305mm*405mm
Maximum Dimensions: 1000MM*2800MM
Standard Thickness: 11mm, 12mm & 14mm
Light transmittance of SGG Priva-Lite 10.8mm (Extra Clear)
  • Transparent State: 77%(ON)
  • Translucent State: 76%(OFF)


SGG Priva-lite
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