The Saint-Gobain Glass series of gen next glass, categorized under 'Quantum Glass Solutions' is a contemporary glass concept offering integration of cutting-edge technology and futuristic design. Belonging to this family of glass, Electrochrome is a transparent glass that changes light and heat transmission based on ambient temperature. 
This glass offers a reliable electrochromic solution to architects. It is a double/triple insulated glazing, which, under a low voltage current can be switched from clear to darkly tinted (and reversibly) while remaining transparent. Designed for solar protection, the transparent and energy-efficient Electrochrome Glass serves as a good replacement for standard shading systems.


  • Windows, skylights and facades of penthouses, villas, hotels, restaurants and residential buildings 
  • Transportation, yachts and ships




  • Energy-efficiency
  • Comfort for users 
  • Heat & Light control 
  • Optimization of space 
  • Substitution for mechanical shadings 
  • Four different states of tints
  • Fully automated system (Including glazing and electronic control) 
  • Maintenance-free and easy to integrate solution 
  • Daylighting optimization
  • ‘Plug & Play’ and low voltage system


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