SGG Emalit Evolution

SGG Emalit Evolution is a toughened coloured glass produced by a highly advanced process that uniformly colours one side of the glass.  To fuse permanently with the glass surface, the colours are fired at a very high temperature, making the end-product extremely durable.
SGG Emalit Evolution is manufactured in conformance with BS EN 12150 standards.
Coloured Glass for interior design
  • As an interior application glass in the kitchen, bathroom, and other interior designs
  • As glass for wardrobe glass doors and other furniture glass 
  • As glass on partitions and doors 
  • As glass for guardings, lift lobbies  and floor applications
Glass for exterior wall paneling
  • As an exterior application glass on wall panels 
  • For guardings and balustrades


Glass with Resistance to Humidity
SGG Emalit Evolution is extremely resistant to humidity. High on hygiene, it is also widely used to clad internal wall areas.
Glass with Eco-friendliness
The paint used in SGG Emalit Evolution is lead-free and devoid of other dangerous metals. Even during manufacturing, it is absolutely free from pollutants, making it a safe option for the health and the environment. Being a 'green' product, it can also be completely recycled.
Glass with Durability and Safety
As a toughened safety glass, SGG Emalit Evolution comes with mechanical properties and durability that are inherent to glass of such class. The colours are guaranteed to remain stable over time, both in facades and interior applications.


  • SGG Emalit Evolution is available in a range of standard colours. (Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS India for details)
  • Thickness (mm) 4,6,8,10,12
  • Minimum size - 600mmX600mm
  • Maximum size - 3660mmX2440mm
(The range is subject to availability. Please  contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS India to check for availability)


  • SGG Emalit Evolution must always be installed in accordance with current national regulations.
  • SGG Emalit Evolution can be channel glazed, adhesively glazed or screw fixed.
  • Glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contact must be avoided; There must be a minimum clearance of 3mm between two adjacent panes.
  • SGG EMALIT EVOLUTION can also be installed in exterior structural sealant glazing, in ventilated, unventilated or insulated spandrel panels (filling element)
Adhesive Fixing:
  • For adhesive glazing, it is necessary to ensure that the sealant is not visible.
  • The adhesive compatibility with the paint should be checked
  • For adhesive glazing, it is necessary to ensure that the sealant is not visible


SGG Emalit Evolution
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