SGG Bioclean


The transparent coating on the exterior surface of SGG Bioclean harnesses both solar and hydro power to efficiently remove dried water marks, organic pollutants, dust, etc from the glass. To activate the coating, the self cleaning glass must be exposed to natural light.





A low-maintenance exterior glass that stays clean by itself is what SGG BIOCLEAN stands for. This self cleaning glass is ideal for most outdoor applications, particularly for areas which are hard or unsafe to reach out to for cleaning purposes.



SGG Bioclean has been specially designed to remain cleaner for longer than conventional glass. This importantly allows using glass in places never thought of before. It is designed for varied external applications and can be used in all environments and is particularly effective in heavily polluted areas.
The basic applications could be:
  • Glazed facades, exterior shop fronts and display windows, overhead and atria glazing
  • Conservatories, balconies and overhead glazing
  • Windows and patio doors
  • Hard to reach areas




SGG Bioclean is available on SGG Planilux, SGG Planitherm FUTURN N and many products from the SGG COOL-LITE range.In the two latter cases, the glass is dual-coated with a coating on each face.



The performance of the self-cleaning function can vary depending on the environment and the location of the glass such as:
  • The type of dirt
  • The amount of dirt
  • Total exposure to light and rain
  • The incline of the installation
Optimum performance is obtained when glazed in a vertical position with maximum exposure to direct sunshine and rain. During dry spells and in shaded areas, SGG Bioclean still has the ability to clean itself very easily than ordinary glazing and may simply require rinse with clean soft water.
SGG Bioclean
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