SGG Baldosa Grabada


SGG BALDOSA GRABADA is from the DECORGLASS series in 19 mm thickness. This pattern glass is essentially something that will impart great aesthetics to architectural interiors.



SGG Baldosa Grabada is a thick patterned glass (19mm) with a unique deep pattern embossed on one face. This is obtained by casting and rolling the glass between two cylinders.
The pattern is deep and three-dimensional, ideal for use in interiors. SGG Baldosa Grabada is part of the extensive SGG Decor Glass range.
This patterned glass has multiple applications.
  • As privacy glass in bathroom shower screens
  • As interior design glass in halls and bedrooms
  • For kitchen counter tops
  • Wash basins, bathroom counters and room partitions
  • Shops
  • Hotels, offices and other public buildings
  • Floors: A glass floor enhances the look and feel of a room


Light Transmission:
This patterned glass can be used in spaces where opaque material is normally used, thanks to its mechanical properties. It makes an interior look spacious by allowing light to flow into it.
Design: structure
The sheer simplicity of this pattern glass makes it popular for interior design.
Mechanical strength:
Because of its optimal thickness, this pattern glass is used.
Thickness: 19mm
Colour: Clear
Standard dimension: 2520 * 1800 mm


Light transmittance: 85% in 19mm



The strength of the support structure must be taken into account when calculating the size of the panels.
Avoid installing glass directly in contact with a significant heat source
Positioning of the glass sheets:
  • Pattern facing upwards for reduced slippage
  • Pattern facing downwards for areas in which ease of cleaning is important
  • Ensure the Silicon used is compatible with the Glass


SGG Baldosa Grabada can be:
  • cut (with a diamond saw or water jet)
  • drilled
  • edgeworked


SGG Baldosa Grabada
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