SGG Diamant Mirror


SGG DIAMANT® MIRRORS are extra clear mirrors.




SGG DIAMANT® MIRRORS are produced only on specially manufactured high clarity premium base (low iron) glass. This enables the Mirrors to have the highest clarity (or brightness as it is also referred to), in turn leading to sharper and more real reflections. What's more, the percentage of reflections is much higher as compared to ordinary mirrors. This quality make them ideal for premium spaces like retail boutiques, jewellery showrooms, spas, hotels and restaurants.


The " SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR" range is intended for numerous applications in:
  • Common areas of shared public and private buildings: entrance halls and landings
  • Homes: kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms
  • Bars, restaurants, hotels, jewellery showrooms, beauty clinics, nightclubs and theatres
  • Sports and leisure centres, swimming pools
  • Office buildings, shops and departmental stores


Saint-Gobain manufactures glass that is among the clearest of its kind in the world. The iron content in the base glass used is significantly reduced making it clearly brighter.
SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR with its exceptional clarity is ideally suited for jewellery showrooms because of its fine reflections, which give high resolution images with exceptional detailing.
The high quality of SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR brightens the space and is ideal for premium hotels and boutiques that require a rich ambience.
The superior reflection of optimum natural light on   SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR creates an elegant sense of space.For huge premium spaces, the use of SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR creates an ambience which is spacious and well-lit giving it a rich larger than life look.


SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR is available in the following dimensions:
Thickness : 5mm and 6mm
Colour  :  Extra Clear
The range above is indicative. Please contact your Saint-Gobain representative for sizes and availability.
For fixing, please refer to the installation guide section in this brochure.


The use of superior base glass with high clarity along with 7 step manufacturing process ensures:
  • Greater depth and sharper reflections
  • Durability to withstand signs of ageing like black spots, corrosion, etc 
  • Distortion-free reflections even when used in large sizes
  • Environment-friendly mirrors that are free from lead and harmful chemicals like VOC



Do not use acidic/solutions or harsh products which are very abrasive for cleaning the mirrors. Ensure that no residue from the cleaning products is left around the edges. 
Irrespective of how the mirror is attached, ensure the following:
  • Install the mirror on a supporting wall that is stable, clean and dry, free from harsh substances and absolutely flat 
  • Provide sufficient space between the supporting wall and the mirror to ensure good ventilation (5mm for a mirror less than 1m tall and 10mm for a larger mirror)
  • Leave a space of 1 to 2mm between mirrors when they are installed side by side
  • Avoid placing the mirror near any heat source
Always store the mirror in a dry and ventilated area. Do not store the mirror outside. Always store the mirror away from heating equipments and corrosive chemicals.
Always use clean gloves which are free from grease. Always make sure that no hard, sharp or abrasive material comes in contact with the paint side. 
Cutting tables must be covered with clean felt. Cut on the plain surface (paint surface facing cutting table) while cutting the mirror. Ensure that there is no removal of paint. 
Apply neutral solution (pH 6.5 to 7.5) while cutting the mirror. After beveling, clean the mirror with water and dry it, so as to quickly remove the trimming residues.


SGG DIAMANT® MIRRORS must always be installed in accordance with current regulations.


After cutting, SGG DIAMANT® MIRROR can be:
  • Drilled and edge-worked (bevelled, arrised, etc.)
  • Sandblasted or engraved (patterns, lettering, logos, etc.)


SGG Diamant Mirror
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