SGG EVOLITE can be used for the following applications:
  • Facades
  • Structural Glazing
  • Windows 
  • Skylights
SGG EVOLITE is a 'To be Tempered' Glass and provides flexibility in either using it as a Single Glazing Unit (SGU) or an Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU). It has to be either tempered, toughened or heat strengthened before being made into an IGU. For tropical climatic conditions, it is suggested to position the coated side as Face 2 of the IGU. 




High Performance Glass for Single Glazing Application

SGG EVOLITE is a superior solar control and thermal insulation glass ideal for single glazing application. A sustainable glass, it is designed to be in conformance to green building standard requirements.  SGG EVOLITE is manufactured by the state-of-the-art Magnetron Sputtering Nano-Technology.


Single Glazing:  SGG EVOLITE has the twin benefits of being used in a single glazed application and ensuring excellent solar control & thermal insulation properties.
Transparency:  SGG EVOLITE combines the dual requirements of abundant natural light and effective solar control.
Lighter shades: The lighter shades of  SGG EVOLITE impart a pleasant appearance to facades. 
Energy-efficiency:  SGG EVOLITE is designed to be in conformance with the requirements of green buildings and ECBC (BEE) regulations. It is the ideal choice for buildings that are going in for the LEED/IGBC rating and TERI-GRIHA rating.
Lower internal reflection: A light glass,  SGG EVOLITE has low internal reflection, ensuring appropriate vision during day and night.
SGG EVOLITE is available in the following variants:
  • SGG EVOLITE Clear (ET 150 II)
  • SGG EVOLITE Green (ET 450 II)
  • SGG EVOLITE Blue (ET 750 II)
  • ET 150 II : 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm
  • ET 450/750 II : 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm