Being laminated and lacquered on both sides makes Planisafe a highly durable and safe glass. It has been tested in adherence to the most stringent test parameters for breakage and safety. Besides the safety aspect, the colour on either side lends aesthetic value to the glass.


Planisafe is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications where safety assumes paramount importance, like – pick up applications from microsite
Partitions -
  1. Office
  2. Washroom
  3. Fitting rooms
  4. Houses
Sliding Doors
Table Tops
Work station partitions


Planisafe is made to undergo rigorous tests and is certified for being durable enough to withstand extreme conditions.
The double-sided lamination lends safety to Planisafe. Even in the rare event of a breakage, the fragments stick to the interlayers and do not get scattered.  
Planisafe has an acoustically superior performance and is well-suited for applications that demand a high level of acoustic comfort. 
Hygienic, resistant to heat & humidity, scratch-proof and moisture-proof, Planisafe is an easy-to-maintain glass. 
Planisafe is lead-free and has only minimal amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, making it an environmentally safe glass.


Planisafe comes in 19 attractive colors that make it possible to use diverse colours for different sides of the wall. Hence it can be used to synchronize the partition with the décor of each room.

Product Thickness Size in MM
Ultra White 4 2440*1220
6 2440*1790
Extra White/ Ivory 4 3210*1790
6 3210*1790
8 3210*1790
Colors 4 2440*1790
6 2440*1790
8 3050*1790



Planisafe has been tested for breakage, humidity and other defects and found to comply with the highest safety standards. 
  • ENI2600 Pendulum Test – measures how the glass breaks in case of breakage 
  • ENI2543 Brake Test – no defect or breakage after 16 hours exposure to 1000C
  • ENI2543 High Humidity Test – no defect in the glass up to 15mm from the edge after 14 days exposure at 500C with 80% relative humidity


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