Panelling and Writing Boards

Panelling in glass brings an aura of class to interior design. Glass-paneled walls are a design element by themselves. The all-over brilliance of glass, coupled with colour, can add warm or fresh tones to an interior.


Writing boards with glass are not only attractive, but also score in terms of hassle-free maintenance.
SGG Planilaque, a colored and lacquered glass from Saint-Gobain, is an ideal choice for panelling and writing boards. It comes in a range of 15 attractive colors to choose from.
Panelling with lacquered glass is easy to clean and durable.  An eco-friendly glass, SGG Planilaque has very low traces of VOC and only minimal content of lead, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic. This also makes it safe for the occupants, with no adverse impact on their health.
Different combinations of SGG Planilaque can also be used for panelling to create a striking contrast, making the interiors stand out in terms of aesthetics. Planilaque's glossy, fine finish also lends an attractive ambience to the interiors.
SGG Planilaque for writing boards adds value with its host of advantages. As a glass white marker board, it can be easily installed. Since it is extensively erased and written upon, the scratch-resistant surface comes as a big benefit. Unlike black boards, it is moisture-resistant and therefore ensures a consistent result, irrespective of the weather conditions.
SGG Planilaque - as a glass for interactive writing boards - is also a good medium to engage children in, and to hone their creative talent, be it doodling or other forms of art. The use of two or more coloured glass display boards from the 15-shade palette makes the room look vivid and vibrant. It is safe to use, since the lacquer applied to the back of the glass prevents it from damage and makes it more durable.
SGG Planilaque is the ideal glass for writing boards, with its smooth and easy to clean surface. Its fine finish makes it well-suited for board writing.


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