Doors, Partitions and Shower Screens

Glass Doors stream light from room to room to create softly lit interiors, while protecting privacy.
Glass Partitions bring a feeling of space and openness to a room. The transparency of the glass diffuses light into the interiors, creating an element of spaciousness. Specially manufactured glass for partitions can be used for protecting privacy.
Various glass finishes or prints can be used for shower screens offering privacy with a touch of elegance. Glass for shower screens is not just moisture-resistant but is also easy to clean.
Saint-Gobain has a variety of glasses that are suitable for doors, partitions and shower screens which provide
  • Durability
  • Scratch-proof
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Privacy
  • Range of Patterns & Designs
  • Compatibility with other materials like stone, wood, metal, etc
The specially manufactured glass variants from Saint-Gobain are designed to offer privacy while providing superior finish and better aesthetics.
SGG Masterglass, SGG Décor glass and SGG Baldosa Grabada are patterned glasses that are translucent and provide privacy for doors, partitions and showerscreens.
SGG Priva-lite is a glass that turns opaque at the flick of a switch. It provides privacy at will, and is an excellent choice for partitions and showerscreens.
SGG Planilux is a clear, float glass which provides excellent clarity and is ideally suited for doors.


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