The use of glass in furniture brings a sophistication that few other materials can match. Glass for furniture comes with various benefits, both in terms of aesthetic and utility value. It is easy to install, clean and maintain.
Saint-Gobain's specially designed glass for furniture throws up a choice of various colours, textures and patterns. They can be used across the home in furniture like book shelves, coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, partitions, headboards, etc.
Saint-Gobain has a variety of glasses that are suitable for different types of furniture.
SGG Mirastar is a one-way mirror glass that is well-suited as a decorative glass in furniture.
SGG Diamant, extra clear glass, is ideal for use in vanity cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, glass shelves, table tops, counter tops, partitions etc.
SGG Satinovo Mate brings an elegant look to furniture in glass with its satin texture. A translucent glass, it can be easily cleaned. It is an apt glass for an application like partitions.
SGG Masterglass, SGG Décor glass and SGG Baldosa Grabada are patterned glasses that add an element of creativity to furniture with glass. These glasses with geometrical patterns are translucent and can be used for a range of furniture like table tops, counter tops, modular cabinets, partitions, tables, modular furniture, in kitchen designs, etc.
SGG Planilux is a float glass that can also be used for applications like table tops, coffee tables, partitions, etc.
SGG Priva-lite is an innovative glass that can be switched from a clear to translucent or opaque mode. A revolutionary glass in furniture design, it is the perfect choice for partitions.
SGG Planilaque, a coloured and lacquered glass, makes furniture stand out with its sleek and glossy appearance. It can be used for kitchen cabinets, table top paneling, wardrobes, counter tops and modular kitchens.


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