Doors and Partition

Glass Doors in offices create an atmosphere of space, brightness and transparency. Glass for office doors is the perfect material for a formal environment. Based on the interior décor of the office, the choice of glass can be made between classic or contemporary.
Glass Partitions bring a feeling of space and openness to office interiors. Innovative glass solutions that provide privacy are also suited for partitions.
Glass comes with a host of advantages when used for doors and partitions. Glass for doors is designed to be durable and has the advantage of being scratch-proof. Patterned glass also adds a design element to doors. Glass partitions in colour are attractive to look at and are also eco-friendly.
SGG Satinovo Mate is a translucent glass that has a satin-like texture which adds sophistication to doors & partitions.
There are a variety of pattern glasses available from the Saint-Gobain. These include SGG Masterglass, SGG Décor glass and SGG Baldosa Grabada. These variants of glass are translucent and can be used creatively for doors & partitions.
SGG Planilux, a clear glass can also be used for doors and partitions.
There is also a specially manufactured glass variant from Saint-Gobain that is designed to offer privacy. SGG Privalite is a switchable intelligent glass that can be switched from an ordinary looking clear glass to a whitish translucent glass, ensuring optimal vision control.
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