Wall Panelling

In the world of hotel interior design, glass can transform the traditional lobby into a space that is sleek, stylish and sophisticated. A glass lobby reflects fine taste and exudes an aura of class. Glass can be used as panelling for common areas like corridors as well as in guest rooms to create a sense of larger spaces.
Saint-Gobain Glass brings a specially designed coloured & lacquered glass – SGG Planilaque - that is perfect for the lobby design.
SGG Planilaque has an interesting palette of 19 colours to choose from, making it an all the more attractive option for lobby interiors. This coloured glass works well to greatly accentuate the ambience of the hotel lobby. As glass panels for guest rooms and common areas, they stand out with their elegant look and feel. Patterns can also be etched on the glass, to make the walls visually more vibrant.
SGG Planilaque is easily available and can be installed, cleaned and maintained without a hassle. It stands immune to scratches & moisture and thereby enjoys greater longevity. This becomes all the more important because of the fact that lobbies are densely populated areas.
The durability factor is further enhanced from the lacquer pasted to the rear of the glass. Moreover, Planilaque is lead-free and contains very negligible quantities of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.


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Wall panelling with coloured glass - SGG PLANILAQUE