Lift Lobbies

Lift lobbies and common areas in retail and commercial complexes can be made more stylish with the use of glass. It is possible to etch various designs on the glass to make the glass lift lobby more attractive. Hence, from being a mere functional unit, lift lobbies can be made more aesthetically appealing. In the common areas like corridors, glass brings a larger sense of space.
Saint-Gobain's coloured & lacquered glass – SGG Planilaque - is perfect for the lift lobby design. With a palette of 19 colours to choose from, it is ideal for lift lobby interiors. It is lead-free and contains very marginal amounts of VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.
In terms of availability, installation, cleaning and maintenance, SGG Planilaque is a hassle-free material. It is scratch-proof and moisture-resistant and thus enjoys greater longevity. Because lift lobbies are densely populated areas, the durability from lacquer pasted to the rear of the glass, comes as a big advantage.
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