Glass for washrooms is an ideal material, both from the aesthetic and functional points of view.  Glass not just adds to the décor of the washroom, but also aids in creating a sense of space. Glass mirrors capture and reflect light to add perspective & depth. Mirrors can also greatly enhance the washroom space with their various designs. 
Saint-Gobain has a range of glass and mirrors ideally suited for washrooms. These glasses and mirrors are resistant to heat and humidity; they are hygienic, durable and eco-friendly, which makes them well-suited for use in washrooms.
Renowned to be among the clearest across the world, SGG mirrors are clearer, brighter, distortion-free and more durable than other mirrors in its class. These mirrors are eco-friendly, since they are manufactured with lead-free paint; contain very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde.
SGG Miralite Evolution is made from one of the clearest mirror glasses in the world. A novel product in the mirrors segment, it is made from toxic-free components that are not just safe for the environment but for the health as well.  In washrooms, it can be used as a mirror, wall mirror, decorative mirror and in mirror cabinets.
SGG Planilaque, the coloured and lacquered glass, is the preferred choice for washrooms, keeping in mind not just the aesthetics but the place of application as well.  Planilaque, with its moisture-resistant properties, perfectly fits the humid atmosphere of a washroom. It is a hygienic and eco-friendly glass, being lead-free and having minimal amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic. Therefore, it is ideally suited for washrooms in the commercial space as it poses no health hazards for visitors. Also, the lacquer on one side of the glass ensures durability, besides making it scratch-proof as well.
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