Wardrobes in glass carry a cool and contemporary look that brings a refreshing change from traditionally used materials. They blend trend and elegance together to create a stunning effect. Glass wardrobes can be beautifully designed with a variety of glass products from Saint-Gobain Glass. Each glass is unique in the way it adds value to the wardrobe design.



Glass, in wardrobes, is a material that comes packed with advantages. It is widely available and easily installed. It can be cleaned with great ease and calls for very less maintenance, a boon considering the extensive use of wardrobes. Highly durable, glass is also resistant to scratches and moisture. Moreover, its glossy finish adds immensely to the wardrobe design, making it look sleek and sophisticated.
Saint-Gobain has a range of glass that is ideally suitable for use in wardrobes.
SGG Master Glass is designed with shimmering geometric patterns that are etched on the glass, making it an excellent choice for wardrobes with glass. It comes in five variants that can be used alternatively for different wardrobe door designs.
SGG Satinovo Mate is a frosted, translucent glass whose satin-like appearance is a befitting choice for bedroom wardrobes. Allowing light while restricting visibility, it protects privacy.
The extra clear mirror – SGG Diamant Mirror - offers superior clarity and reflection, ideal parameters for wardrobe closets. It doubles up, both as a wardrobe door design as well as a mirror.
SGG Planilaque is a coloured, lacquered, eco-friendly glass that is well-suited for sliding wardrobes. Available in 19 colours, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the glass sliding door.
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