Table Top

Glass brings a uniqueness to table top designs. With its elegance and sophistication, it adds class to the table top.
Saint-Gobain has a range of glass ideally suited for table tops
SGG Masterglass, SGG Décor glass and SGG Baldosa Grabada, patterned glasses from Saint-Gobain, add a touch of design element to table tops. A variety of patterns and textures are etched on these glasses. These glasses come in various thicknesses and can be used for table tops in guest rooms, lounges, etc.
SGG Planilux, a clear glass, and SGG Diamant, an extra clear glass give a clean surface to table tops.
SGG Planilaque, coloured and lacquered glass, elevates the aesthetic value of table tops. It is eco-friendly and contributes to better indoor air quality. SGG Planilaque is also resistant to moisture and scratches, and hence is more durable.
SGG Satinovo Mate, the translucent glass with a smooth finish can be tempered and used for table tops, to provide an elegance that no other material can.
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