Showroom Spaces


Glass Mirrors for showroom spaces come with various benefits, both in terms of aesthetic and utility value. Glass mirrors raise the glamour quotient of showroom with their sophisticated look. By reflecting light, they have the ability to make showrooms look larger than they actually are. They can also be easily installed, cleaned and maintained. Moreover, they are scratch-free and moisture resistant.


Saint-Gobain Glass offers a variety of interior design mirrors, in different sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Assuring the highest degree of quality, these mirrors have wide-range of applications.
Extra Clear Mirror "SGG Diamant Mirror" has a multitude of uses. It can be used as an interior decorative glass in showroom spaces. SGG Diamant can also add to the ambience by doubling up as a wall mirror in showrooms.
Glass Mirror SGG Miralite Evolution is perfectly suited for use in showrooms as it is one of the clearest mirrors in its class. It is also an environment-friendly mirror because it is free from toxic components, copper and phthalate. Besides it's use as a decorative mirror, it can be used in mirror cabinets and mirror furniture.


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