Common Areas


Glass mirrors are often lined up in common areas like corridors of buildings. They offer an alternative to other types of conventionally used glass. In places that are short of space, mirrors create more room. Glass mirrors are also highly beneficial for more reasons than one. They are easily available and can be installed, cleaned and maintained without a hassle. They stand immune to scratches & moisture and thereby enjoy greater longevity. This becomes all the more important because of the fact that common areas are densely populated.


SGG Diamant Mirror is ideal for use as an interior decorative glass mirror in common areas of public and private buildings, entrance halls and landings. It is fabricated by depositing successive coatings of silver and one or more protective coatings on to an extra clear glass (SGG DIAMANT). Since the base glass is extra clear glass, the mirror has better reflection and greater clarity.
For an eco-friendly option, SGG Miralite Evolution can be used as a mirror in common areas. Devoid of copper and phthalate, it comprises toxic-free components that pose no health hazard. Also, it is one of the clearest mirrors in the world, making it perfect for use in common areas.


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