Mirrors for Furniture


The use of mirrors in furniture brings a sophistication that few other materials can match. Reflecting light and bringing more space, mirrors can lend a touch of class to every kind of furniture, be it classical or contemporary. Saint-Gobain's specially designed glass mirrors can be used for a variety of furniture.



SGG Mirastar is a one-way mirror glass that is well-suited as a decorative glass in furniture. It can be partially coated or screen printed as decorative glass panels. The special characteristics of its coating make Mirastar corrosion-proof as well as impervious to water vapour and cleaning agents. It can also, in principle, be thermally toughened to become safety glass.
The extra clear mirror – SGG Diamant Mirror - offers superior clarity and reflection, ideal parameters for wardrobe closets. It doubles up, both as a wardrobe door design as well as a mirror.
The new generation mirror manufactured using an eco-friendly process; SGG Miralite Evolution is a clear or tinted silvered glass of exceptionally high quality and durability. The advanced manufacturing process used also improves the optical quality of the mirror and significantly increases longevity of glass through better resistance to corrosion. It is ideal for use in furniture and shelves.



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