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Allcargo Logistics HQ, Mumbai

p style="text-align: justify;">The AllCargo façade is a perfect study of how a regular, old building can turn into a visual treat and a standing example of a building with green architecture. With glass playing a pivotal role in the transformation, the building has also been designed to be LEED-rated.

p style="text-align: justify;">Avvashya House (which houses the renowned cargo movers Allcargo Logistics) was to be renovated into a green architecture building, while preserving its existing core. Architect Niteen Parulekar aimed to revamp it into a contemporary landmark; he wanted to move away from the crossword of rectangular forms of the previous façade, and cascade it into a vibrant smooth-flowing skin, effortlessly enveloping the building. Besides creating an aesthetic makeover, the project was also aimed at being compliant with LEED standards.


Going Green with Glass

To create a design in tune with the times, the architect chose glass for its smoothness and reflectivity. The curvilinear shape of the building was further enhanced with the bends and curves achieved by glazing. The design team of Saint-Gobain worked closely with the architect to provide solutions in the areas of heat designs, thermal analysis and worked out an optimum solution for this building. The glass used - SGG Evo Orion Blue ET 725 - was the ideal match for the project with its dual combination of advanced solar control glass with high transparency. The double glazing solution proved to be an excellent way of creating an energy-efficient building by drastically reducing the AC load.

Other Green Building Elements

The process of transforming Avvashya House into a LEED-rated green architecture building included: - Introduction of one-foot-wide extruded aluminium section fins into the façade to break the monotony and to act as a sun-shade device - Alignment of the bent fins with the curvilinear glass to complement the organic form of the façade - Redevelopment of landscape with the use of pavers, cobble stones, and plants to tastefully enhance the experience - Rainwater harvesting and other services

The Fact Sheet

Building Type : Commercial Location : Santa Cruz, Mumbai Architect : Niteen Parulekar Architects Pvt Ltd Built up Area : 60,000 sq. ft. Glass Used : SGG Evo Orion Blue ET 725 Project completed : November 2012 (including façade & site) Avashya House's new lease of life as a green architecture building is an example of how well-planned architecture and intelligent use of material can renew old structures into brand new ones.




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